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About Us

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer of Fulton’s Winches & Winders.

We have supplied over 6,000 winches, winders and hoists to the mining and civil industries since 1928.

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered.

We have full in house design, CAD and Finite Element Analysis to customer specifications.

We offer mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design and manufacture through to installation and commissioning on new and refurbished winches, winders & hoists.

We offer a service to our customers of mechanical and electrical OEM winder inspections with comprehensive reporting, for all makes of winder.

We are the sole designer and manufacturer of Winder Gearboxes in Southern Africa.

Our programme includes ongoing R&D of winder components, including Telemetrised Strain Gauging.

Deep Level Mobile Rescue Winder for Mines Rescue Services (SA)

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